Areej Range of Products

AREEJ Specialty Chemical Division provides a wide range of products and services to our clients. These products and services are focused around providing our clients with environmentally friendly solutions

In order to provide such a complete service, our Chemical Division’s R & D chemist is working continuously to provide quality products that meet our markets requirements.

Hypo chlorite Sulphuric Acid Caustic Soda Nitric Acid

C. Characteristics and the client’s requirements using a wide range & diverse range of biological treatment provide optimum results with this wide range of most feasible operating costs.

Allows quick and easy measurement of surface and air temperature, liquid temperature and needle probe for soft material temperature.

We provide quality safety services for our employee’s through long term caring relationships. We are a hardworking, highly trained, experienced and dedicated staff which enable us to provide exceptional services during and after project constructions.

Our list of Specialty Chemicals includes:

I. Water Treatment Plant Chemicals
Antiscalant Remineralization Coagulant Filtration aids Disinfectant Neutralizer Cleaning chemicals

II. Boiler system
Corrosion inhibitor Scale control Sludge conditioner Steam treatment Alkalinity builder Cleaning chemicals

III. Cooling Tower (open cooling)
Corrosion & scale inhibitor Dispersing agent Non oxidizing biocide Non oxidizing algaecide Oxidizing algaecide & biocide Cleaning chemicals

IV. Chilled water system (closed cooling)
Corrosion & scale inhibitor Non oxidizing biocide Cleaning chemicals

V. Hot water system
Corrosion & scale inhibitor Cleaning chemicals

VI. Domestic & Drinking water
Scale & corrosion inhibitor Disinfectant Red water control Cleaning chemicals Sterilization

VII. Wastewater/Irrigation water
Odour control Isinfectant Coagulant Filtration aids

VIII. Laundry /Speciality
Detergents- Spot Removers Bleaches Softener Dish Wash Glass cleaner Starch Hangers